A tourist village, a community hub, a family destination, and a captivating place for people to come together, all in one place, all under one roof... Jordan’s Skies!

The Promenade will be Jordan’s newest and most exciting tourist village and community hub, which will also serve as a platform for events, festivals, and celebrations. Amman’s generally mild and pleasant weather conditions, combined with the need and importance of staying connected with nature, The Promenade will be a predominantly outdoor project. 

Conveniently located on Queen Alia International Airport Road, The Promenade will be just a few minutes’ drive from the city’s main commercial and residential districts, and a premier attraction for the local and expatriate communities, in addition to regional and international guests.

The Promenade incorporates a series of small yet highly considered design moves that combine to establish appealing and functional public spaces, with an iconic charm, to fulfil the needs of all family members, and visitors of different ages and backgrounds.  

The Promenade will feature an array of facilities and attractions including shopping, dining, play areas, entertainment and recreation venues, events and performance facilities, as well as an exhibition area… all charmingly surrounded by beautiful gardenscapes, in a picture-perfect, relaxing yet exciting, safe family ambiance.

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